Sunday, January 23, 2011

Orange cats, meet Harold

I just came across an image of Stephanie's cat Harold and loved what she had to say about him!

"Harold has his own cat bed and pillow (he has a few beds, actually... this is one of them). Harold has been with us since last summer. He just appeared one day, looking scared and hungry. I fed him in the back yard, and as it started to get dark, I wondered what to do. None of the neighbors had lost him, and no one had reported him missing to the shelter. I decided to swing the back door wide open and see what happened. He ran inside the house, and has been with us every since."

So sweet! I love how he rests his head on that little pillow.
Hope he is inspiration for Stephanie's cat art at Old World Primitives!


  1. Harold wanted me to add that his pillow has an embroidered image of a cat sitting on/squashing another cat with the caption, "You can agree with me, or you can be wrong!"