Monday, February 21, 2011

Meet MeekaMew's Studio Mates!

Meet Michaela's studio mates (all the way from Cambridge, OH!) from Etsy shop MeekaMew!
Captions by Michaela:

Andee (blonde kitty age 5)
Andee Chilling out- He sits like this all the time

Gilligan (tiger striped age 9)
So you can truly see how big Andee is, I adore him >^.^<

 Lucie (dark calico age 6)
And what happens in my house sometimes if I decide not to make my bed fast enough :)

Make that bed faster! That Andee is so sweet and comfortable, I can see where you get your inspiration for your plushies! So soft! I tried to find one in your shop that matched the color of Andee's tan fur. Grizwald (pictured below) might be close!


Michaela also works as a full time librarian! Stop by her shop MeekaMew and say hello!
Great to have you and your muses on the team!


  1. Such cutie pies! I just want to rub Andee's belleh!

  2. I will rub his belly for you ;)
    Thanks for adding my loves to your blog!!

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